SkillsMind, the most comprehensive full-digital solution on the market

Mobile Application


Web Portal


Main functions : identification, training, inspection and management

On Mobile (at the office or on site) :

  • Carry out audits and certification resources,
  • Manage training and coaching,
  • Conduct knowledge tests after training or during a recruitment,
  • Inspect sites and monitor the quality of services,
  • Use GPS and multimedia Data,
  • Calculate the cost of defects,
  • Send Alerts related to quality or security issues,
  • Request additional tasks to be done.

On the Web (at the office) :

  • Create Repository of professions and business skills,
  • Centralize information on resource expertise,
  • Identify talents and anticipate changing careers,
  • Have cartographic vision of professions and skills,
  • Use dashboards and KPIs to control business activities,
  • Send real time updates to managers,
  • Have paperless process.


A central database to store important informations about expertise levels of your resources.


Enjoy a web portal to access skills data anywhere. No need to install applications !


Bring your applications on site to audit, inspect and certify the resources and then synchronize.


Check out reporting and dashboards to optimize the management of the activity and resources.

SkillsMind is the first skill mining solution that helps companies and its leaders through an approach based on methodology, efficiency and paperless.