The solution to manage inventory and movement history.

With ActifStock, you get a real view of your stock status, traceability and movement history as well as real-time inventory.

Forecast of orders

Management of the order forecast by supplier and by article on 3 months sliding with consultation of the histprique.

Stock management

Perform real-time movements between the different types of stocks available: Stores, Vehicle, Site. View the movement history and take inventory of all products in one click.

A mobile application to remain effective everywhere

Make all moves between stocks at any time using the mobile app that also incorporates a barcode reader and QR Code.

You have to see it to believe it.

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Make reports from your stocks

You can combine ActifStock and ActifReport, our reporting solution. Create, edit and deliver reports in a flutter.




Analyse et reporting interactif

Working better together

Improve the performance of your team thanks to a truly collaborative tool. Views tailored to the profile of your collaborators allow them to learn about the progress of the project and to interact with their tasks.


An intuitive and simple (but effective) tool

No need for training to take control Audit Tab! Our solution is simple and intuitive, with just enough features (and if you are missing one, we develop it custom-made!).


A solution that adapts to your needs

Are you missing a feature? We develop bespoke additional tools to adapt Audit Tab to the particularities of your activity.


Be accompanied on the long term

More than just technical assistance, our experts are committed to helping you in the handling and use of our tool in situation.