Manage projects, share plannings, follow up tasks and be alerted in real time with ActifPlanner.

 ActifPlanner functions

Plan, assign and share tasks

Create the schedule and hierarchy of tasks, integrate a Microsoft Project, consult individual commitments, plan and assign operations

Track progress in real time

The Integrated dashboard offers a synthesis view of projects status including à global progress percentage and the number of tasks grouped by status.

Views adaptable to user profiles

Actif Planner provides the possibility to group users per profiles. A user can view his own tasks as gantt or Calendar view., filtered by dates or périodes.

Be alerted to anticipate delays

Thanks to an intelligent calculation functions of Actif Planner, user will be lerted in many cases : Delay in expected progress, Warning before due dates, delays on tasks dependencies .

MS Project Import


Easy to use


HTML5 interface


Collaborate & sharing


Mobile ready



Online updates


Cloud or on premises


PDF/Excel exporting


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