AuditTab, Project auditing and operational follow-up in real time !

AuditTab is a tool allowing technical, quality and security auditing, request for defects recovery, non-conformity cost and action plan monitoring on web and mobile.

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Why using AuditTab ?

5 steps of project management with AuditTab.

An Agile approach with iterative cycle.

Receive mission reports and project progress in real time.

Create audit, report non-conformities or delivery acceptance.

Analyse the nature of non-conformities and the financial impact of non-quality (CNQ).

Plan actions and communicate with clients and partners.

Track projects through reporting and interactive dashboards.

Main Functions

A native mobile App.
Off line mode.
Photos with drawing capabilities.
GPS location.
Handwritten signatures.

Web portal for data integration.
Export capabilities to PDF/Excel.
Cloud solution, ready to use.
Integration with your system.

View KPIs & dashboard.

Follow the activity in real time.

Be alerted if need.

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