Amicaliste, a worldwide network focused on social groups and accessible from mobile devices.

For both private or professional usage, join existing groups or create yours.

What is Amicaliste ?

Amicaliste is a social media groups network based on groups cross-connection, no direct link between 2 persons, link is done only through groups. Amicaliste is the first network on the market offering innovative functionalities such as :

  • Sub-groups capability,
  • Members géolocation,
  • Private data restriction,
  • Groups interconnection, …

It is suitable for many types of social usage: alumni, education, clubs or companies. Mobile oriented, Amicaliste is available on both smartphones and tablets.

For private usage

Find old friends and classmates,
Meet new members,
Share memories, news, photos or events .

For professional usage

Build your business network,
Meet future partners,
Find opportunities.

Why Amicaliste ?


Very useful for alumni, college or university groups, create sub-groups by graduation year, project or activity.


Locate your groups members on maps, find and meet them.



Unlike other social medias, your data is not visible by everyone. No direct links or followers, only through your groups.


Choose your groups privacy: Public, Private or VIP (secret).


Sign up using your existing social media account or create a new one using email address.